Jaime Andrews is a fictional character from the hit Canadian drama Instant Star. He is the childhood friend of lead character Jude Harrison.


Jamie is a schoolmate of Jude's, and the two have apparently been friends for a very long time when the series begins.


Initially, Jamie is shown to be somewhat of a nerd. He makes up for this by being extremely sensitive and trustworthy. He is also shown to be fiercely loyal to Jude, perhaps because he was in love with her for a time.


Jude HarrisonEdit

Jaime and Jude are close friends. Jaime has a one sided crush on her for most of Season 1. However, his feelings for her are placed on the back burner when Jude falls hard for Shay Mills after dueting with him on her lead single, Waste My Time. It is Jaime who eventually shows Jude that Shay is not the one she needs to be with. Instead of choosing him, however, she runs to Tommy Quincy. Ultimately, Jaime gives up on Jude romantically, though the two continue to be friends until the series' conclusion.

Katerina "Kat" BentonEdit

Kat is a supporting character in season one. She is one of Jaime and Jude's best friends.  She was romantically interested in Jaime and it is implied that the two were dating. However, after realizing how much Jaime cared for Jude, Kat backed down so he could pursue her. Kat disappeared after the first season so it is unknown if she and Jaime remained friends.

Patsy SewerEdit

In season three Jaime began a short relationship with Patsy Sewer after helping her record her album Shooting Star. However, their relationship was cut short when Patsy was killed after she crashed her car while drunk and attempting to play her guitar in Helter Skelter.

Tommy QuincyEdit

The relationship between Tommy and Jaime is antagonistic. Jaime felt Tommy didn't deserve Jude, even though Jude loved him. By season 4, however, the two seem to at least be able to be civil with each other since Jaime has realized that Jude made her choice and wanted to be with Tommy.

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