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Jude Harrison
Girl, Dude.
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December 16
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Song Writer
Tommy Quincy (husband in Mini only)
Shay Mills (ex-boyfriend)
Jamie Andrews (ex-boyfriend)
Vincent Spiederman (ex-boyfriend)
Tommy Quincy (husband in Mini only; ex-boyfriend)
Alexz Johnson
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Jude Harrison is a fictional character from the hit teen drama series Instant Star, portrayed by Alexz Johnson. Her name was inspired by the name of the famous song by The Beatles, "Hey Jude" and their lead guitarist George Harrison.


Jude first found fame by winning the Instant Star competition.


She is headstrong and stubborn and always desires to help people, even when they don't necessarily want help. She changes a lot throughout the seasons, starting off as a somewhat naive girl to a more mature and considering person due to many events in her life. She can also be inconsiderate at times which causes many issues with her friends, especially her sister and ex-best friend Kat, who stopped being friends with her because of that reason (and other reasons).

Season oneEdit

At the series start, Jude beats Eden Taylor in the very first Instant Star contest. She then meets her producer Tom Quincy who was a part of a '90s boy band group called Boyz Attack. Their first meeting was marked by a comical tension, during which Tommy chastised Jude for calling him "little Tommy Q," which was his stage name when he was part of Boyz Attack. He also tells her to change her song, which she wrote about her and her best friend Jamie, because it was boring and she had to make it about her. Before going on stage to sing her single "24 Hours," she kisses him and becomes embarrassed about it. After performing her song, she gives Tommy her guitar and quits. Later that night, Tommy convinces her to not to quit by telling her she is "the real thing, even better."

Jude then meets rap artist Shay, Darius' nephew, and makes a song with him called "Waste My Time". While shooting the music video Jude tells Shay he is her first real kiss. They go out until her sixteenth birthday when it is revealed that he was cheating on her with Eden Taylor, the runner up of the Instant Star contest. Earlier in the day she heard Tommy tell Kwest that he hates that the girl that "gets him the most" is 16. Kwest asks "But if she was 21?" Tommy says "In a split second." Heartbroken after the Shay incident, she asks Tommy what is wrong with her. He tells her she is asking the wrong guy and kisses her. Tommy breaks her heart by telling her that either he had to stop being her producer, or he could stay but they would have to agree that the kiss never happened. But it is obvious many times that he does feel that way for her. Then, her heart is broken even more when Tommy shows interest in Jude's older sister.

Jude makes a deal with Darius and he becomes her manager if he gives her Tommy's old single Frozen. She later discovers that Tommy and her sister, Sadie, have begun dating, so she then falls back on her best friend Jamie who she begins to date while still yearning for Tommy. The season finale closes with Jude having to make the choice to go on a big tour with Shay, or a little tour in small town bars and clubs. At the airport she chooses the latter.

Season twoEdit

After returning from tour with her band, Jude finds out that her first record isn't selling well and that Darius has now taken over G-major and that he is holding a next Instant Star contest. Jude was supposed to sing a cover of "Stupid Girl" but when she chooses to sing her own song (My Sweet Time) Darius stops her in the middle of the show and fires her. Jude tells Darius she will follow his terms which causes her to break up with Jamie. Jude dyes her hair blonde and a radio shock jock tells her she's a Barbie. Kat comes back into town and gives Jude a fake ID which she uses to get into a bar where she meets Patsy Sewer and gets drunk, in which she then tags a wall with a picture of the man who insulted her. Kat ends her friendship with Jude because Jude is too busy to hang with her.

Jude later dates her lead guitarist, Vincent Spiederman. They are together for a while but break up. Before this incident Jude kisses Mason (the second Instant Star) and finds out he is gay. While working on her second album with Tommy, Jude records "White Lines" which is about Tommy Quincy. The two kiss and walk off. In the season finale, Tommy asks Jude out on a date which she accepts; But he breaks her heart when he tells her he may not be coming back. Jude runs off to meet Mason, who is on tour. She gets drunk and goes to his room and a guy she was having drinks with followed her and took pictures of her intoxicated. He later mails her record label with copies of the photos, demanding 50 grand or he is going to go to the press.

Season threeEdit

Season 3 deals with Jude growing up, not only as an artist but as an individual as well. It becomes quite difficult for her to do that with the arrival of the new Instant Star, Karma. Karma comes in and stirs a whirlwind of trouble up for Jude. But Karma is not Jude's only problem. She recieves a letter from a blackmailer claiming he will go to the press with photos of Jude intoxicated if she doesn't give him 50 grand, where she wants to offer 10 grand. She tells Karma this confidentially but she in turn tells Darius, who forces her to sing in the Instant Star finale to cover for him paying off the blackmailer.

Tommy returns right before she goes on stage and Jude sees a small child with him who she assumes to be his daughter and refuses to perform. Jamie comforts her backstage and gives her the strength to perform. After her song she goes home and uploads the drunken pictures of her on her own website so they don't have any power over her.

Darius forces her to join Karma's press conference in order to explain away the photos where she is ambushed by Karma about whether or not she's a virgin. Because she never answers and people assume it's because she is not a virgin she loses a gig playing at a kid's bar mitzvah and is replaced by Karma because she is more "pure". Jude goes with her friend Patsy to confront the kid's dad about judging woman on their sexuality but instead joins Karma who is singing to upstage her for a rude comment she made about Jude. Karma ends up being pushed by Patsy for calling Jude a whore and accidentally yanks Jude's shirt, revealing her left boob in front of the entire audience. It becomes the top story in every magazine and online articles.

Tommy is assigned to produce Karma's album and Jude is upset to not have him producing her so she threatens Karma with the rights to her song 'Waste My Time' which she claims Karma can not sing because it is Jude's original song. Tommy is taken off of Karma's album per her request and he is angry at Jude for meddling and states that he actually wanted to be on her album so Jude tries to remedy the situation and convinces Karma to ask for Tommy back. Later they reconcile and Jude propositions working as alongside him as his co-producer on her third album.

Jude's friend Patsy begins struggling with producing her own album and dealing with her boyfriend Jamie changing her song behind her back. Jude goes off with Patsy to blow off some steam and try to convince her to record the song 'Shooting Star' but is interrupted by Jamie that leads to Patsy running off and Jude following her. Patsy then burns her contract with G majors which Jude comments isn't the only copy which then leads to Patsy breaking into G major drunk and wrecking the place to burn her original contract. Jude and Jamie confront her afraid she might do something reckless but let her go when she hurts Jamie. Patsy later dies while driving intoxicated and crashes her car in a fatal accident.

Jude tries to deal with the loss of her friend Patsy. Her death causes a huge rift in her friendship with Jamie since he blames her for Patsy's death for stopping him when he wanted to go after her. Jude holds a private memorial in honor of Patsy and starts a charity concert for underprivledged kids in Patsy's memory.

While Jude handles the aftermath of her friend's death she becomes ingrateful and inconsiderate of the sacrifices her sister Sadie makes for her sake while leads to her sister decided to leave for an internship in New York City. Jude tries to make up for her actions and Sadie decides it's not the right time to leave when her father is struggling with the bills.

Jude and Tommy leave to find new places to record an album together when Tommy suddenly breaks down over an almost car accident they have and he reveals he lost someone he loved. He tries to explain to Jude that there are things in his past she doesn't know but Jude doesn't care and they kiss, officially becoming a couple for the first time.

Jude's 18th birthday comes up and she has to make a decision on whether to let people know that she and Tommy are a couple. Tommy initially wants people to know but later when Hunter, his ex-girlfriend's brother who blames Tommy for his sister's suicide, returns and threatens to hurt the person Tommy most loves, which is Jude. Jude thinks Tommy is acting distant because she doesn't want people to know about them so she makes a public announcemnet in her 18th birthday party which he rebuffs publicly to protect her. Jude becomes upset and asks her father for advice and tries to talk to Tommy about it but when she enters his hotel room she finds him kissing Sadie and breaks up with him.

After their breakup she gets a reality/documentary on her everyday life. Her relationship with her sister is rocky and her relationship with Tommy is even worse. In front of the cameras she fires Tommy as her producer. She produces her first song by herself and Sadie tells her that she kissed Tommy, not the other way around. It doesn't change things for Jude but though still fired she tells Tommy he means a lot to her and that she'll miss working with him.

During a fashion show Jude has red paint thrown on her for wearing real fur - unbeknowst to her - by an animal rights activists. News spreads of this and Jude does an interview to clear up any negative attention towards her but makes a seemingly harmless comment that eating meat is barbaric which upsets even more people. Activists line up in front of her house and she gets death threats so Darius assigns her a body guard. In the confusion she is lured by a fake message by Tommy into her recording apartment to find Hunter waiting for her and holds her captive at knife point. Tommy comes and they knock out Hunter and he is arrested. During the meeting Jude finds out all about how Tommy had an affair with Angie but then he left her, which caused her to take his car and supposedly commit suicide.

At Darius' party Jude tries to play 'cupid' for her sister and Kwest along with Jamie and also tries to get Jamie to go on a date with her which he refuses because he believes it's just a rebound for her break up with Tommy. Later in the party Tommy discovers the original police report for the death of Angie and finds out Darius covered up the fact that his car was tampered with. Jude walks in with Portia where Portia reveals it wasn't Darius who cut the breaks in his cars it was her because she didn't want Tommy to leave her with Angie and she didn't mean for Angie to die.

In the season finale, when Jude returns to G major she finds out that Darius is being autoted because of the incident with attempting to cover up murder on his sister's behalf. Everything is up for auction, including Jude's entire music catalogue. She decides to put her music online for free so that it is worthless to whoever tries to buy it. Jamie is starting his own music industry with Paegan Smith and wants Jude to be their first producer and Tommy tells her he is going backpacking through Asia and wants Jude to come with him. He also gives her full ownership over her music catalogue which he miraculously somehow bought from Darius.

In the last scene she is wandering around the city when she makes a decision and runs towards the person she chooses.

Season fourEdit

Jude struggles to pick who she loves. In the first episode, it is revealed that she picked Tommy and left Jamie heartbroken. She struggles to stay friends with Jamie and ends up losing him, but not for long. Spiederman marries Karma and are now on a new reality show. Jamie and Paegan hit ground with their new record company. While working at NBR (his new underground music label co-owned by Jamie), Paegan's daughter Zeppelin shows up and they are reunited.

At a pajama party that Jude throws, Jamie comes to find Jude and Tommy all over each other, and says he can't believe he thought he could do this (stay friends with Jude). He walks outside, hurt and angry, followed by Jude. She then says that they can fix it over and over, and he asks, "Why does it matter? You've got him!" They argue for a bit, and Jamie kisses her. Jude then proceeds to slap Jamie. He yells, "Don't you get it, Jude? We can't be friends. Ever again!"

Jude's third album bombs, forcing Darius to cancel her tour and fire her. Many people make the remark that it's "over produced". Jude tells Sadie after collapsing into Jamie's arms in his basement, that her music is "all she has left," and begins to cry because Tommy broke up with her.

Darius also finds out that Jamie took Blu from G-Major and sends Paegan on tour, with intentions of paying Jamie back by making Paegan and all of his money pull out of NBR (Nana's Basement Records). With no funds, Jamie's record label looks doomed even if Zeppelin stayed (which she does after seeing Jamie, sad, from the car window).

Milo wins the Instant Star competition, while Jude realizes that she did go way overboard on the album and does a commercial for a Japanese shampoo with Tommy to raise money to remix it. She is accused of selling out by her new-found friend, Megan.

In the episode "Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment" Megan holds Jude hostage in Jude's basement, threatening her that if she doesn't write a new song before Sadie gets back from a G-Major's spa day, she'll do something bad to her and to Sadie, when she gets home. She then agrees to write the song and they work together until it's finished. Jude proceeds to send Jamie a hidden message asking for "fretless bass." However, Jamie did not notice until Zeppelin pointed it out because in the note Jude wrote for Megan to give Jamie asking for the base, it said "I need your fretless bass, I'm using it to write my first #1 hit on the British charts".

But then Jamie finds out that there was a song on the British charts by The Police called Message in a Bottle and they realize that Jude needs help. Megan then comes back with the bass and tells Jude that that song didn't count. As Megan is talking, Jude starts to cry, but is interrupted by the front door slamming. It's Sadie. Jude screams and Megan covers her mouth, telling her to shut up. She goes downstairs, prepared to smother Sadie, but Jamie, Spiederman, and Zeppelin burst through the door a moment or so too soon. Jamie ran after and caught her and Megan was sent to jail. Jude destroyed the recording of the song, but still sang it.

Tommy goes to NBR to thank Jamie for helping Jude out. Jamie threatens Tommy- "if you hurt her again...." Tommy accuses Jamie of still going after Jude. "I'm not in love with her anymore." He had Zeppelin now and could finally be just friends with his best friend.

It then shows Jude singing and playing her guitar, when Tommy walks in with some news. He shows her the newspaper. She's on the front cover for being held hostage. They stare at each other for a second, and he crouches down in front of her. He is tempted to kiss her, but doesn't. Then she kisses him. The ordeal puts Jude back in the spotlight, causing Darius to give her the green light. She goes back to the studio to remix saying there is no way she will re-sign with G Major. Jude's basement hostage ordeal is on newspapers worldwide. Because of this,Jude is offered a recording contract with a label, Bermondsey Records, in London. Tommy simultaneously proposes to her and she accepts, but she soon starts thinking whether she should go to London with Tommy or move on without him.

At her concert, she decides not to sing "2 AM" and announces that she is going to London without Tommy, tearfully. She sings "The Music" instead. She has a last good-bye before leaving for London without her friends, family, fans, and Tommy. The series ends with her riding in a limousine surrounded by her fans, and Jude quoting "If I had to make a choice, there's no contest. I'm a rockstar".

Shortly after

Because Instant Star was cancelled by the network, the producers and writers of the show decided to give the fans what they wanted: an actual ending.

In the mini episode Sadie is pregnant, married to Kwest. And Tommy and Jude are getting married. She decided she couldn't live with out her one true love. And they lived happily ever after...


Tommy QuincyEdit

Season 1, 2, 3 & 4
The relationship between Tommy and Jude is an ongoing rollercoaster ride that never seems to have a definite end, even despite the drastic highs and lows. There was obvious chemistry in the first episode, "Even Better Than The Real Thing", proven as Jude kisses him before going on to sing her first song since the Instant Star competition. When Jude began dating her first boyfriend, Shay, there were numerous disagreements, most likely brought on by jealousy on Tommy's part. The events of her disastrous sixteenth birthday party led to a kiss between the two, this time initiated by Tommy.

Fights included, there is clearly a lot of passion between the two, and even through the familiar rhythmic ups and downs of their relationship, it's obvious that, through thick and thin, Tommy and Jude are solid candidates for a relationship, because at the end of all their others, they always come back to each other. In the last episode of the series, Jude has to choose between going off to London after she is offered a record deal, or staying with Tommy after he asks her to marry him. She agrees to marry him, and he agrees to come to London with her. After Jude has the chance to think about it further, she decides it's best that she goes it alone ,stunning and saddening Tommy when she admits it to the fans at a show during her encore, where she was originally supposed to play her basement track with Tommy and reveal their plans. The show ends on a bittersweet note. There was supposed to be a fifth season of the show that might have shown Tommy reuniting with Jude, unfortunately this never panned out. However, the two were seen marrying in a mini webisode My Best Friend's Wedding,

Jamie AndrewsEdit

Seasons 1-2
Jamie is Jude's longtime best friend, and the most likely of all the male characters on the show to provide competition for Tommy. Whereas her other best friend, Kat, walked out on Jude's life, Jamie has stuck by her side through it all; they've had their fights, all of which were rectified, regardless of the duration or circumstances. Her feelings for Jamie can never be defined at a constant, though it would seem they are very on-again, off-again, and are dependent on the happenings of Jude's stability and security with Tommy, who she has more persistent feelings for.

Vincent SpiedermanEdit

Season 2
Spiederman, often referred to simply as "Speed", is the lead guitarist of Jude's band, the Spiederman Mind Explosion. There were obvious feelings between the two, which were addressed in the episode "The Jean Genie", in which Spiederman wants Jude to admit that what they share is more than just onstage chemistry. However, their romance didn't last past the end of the second season, after the two realized they "were never really Romeo and Juliet...more like Bart and Lisa Simpson." Speed and Jude are still good friends and bandmates. He married Karma in what was supposed to be a PR stunt, but the two ended up actually falling in love. Speed's parents had a bad marriage and he had promised himself that he would only get married once, so they decide to give it a try. Karma and Speed are approached with a newlywed reality show in mid season 4, but they end the show when both realize the director wants them to create drama for the show by signing divorce papers, which neither wants to do. Karma tells the director off, throwing him out of their house and telling Speed she loves him. The director later tries to sue the two and take their house.

Shay MillsEdit

Season 1
Shay is Jude's first love and heartbreak. An international rap star, the two got off to a start after Jude was edged out of the studio while he was at G-Major, needing Tommy to produce his album. Shay was definitely interested in Jude, but his demanding uncle, Darius, tried to talk him out of starting a relationship with her. This issue was eventually worked out when Jude spoke out against this, and they began dating.

It was revealed that Shay was going on a world tour, which worried Jude as she discovered the "Number 1 Rule of the Road", that being to break up with your girlfriend before hitting the road. The couple tried to work around that, but Shay soon took up an interest in Eden Taylor, Jude's rival, and began dating her. He broke the news to Jude that it was over between them during her sixteenth birthday night, completely wrecking the night altogether.

The last that was heard from Shay was when he'd invited Jude to come with him on tour, which she declined, instead opting to embark on her own tour.


Season 4
Short-lived romance, they've kissed when working together in music, after Jude's album was done. However, when she tries to contact him after her tour was cancelled, Milo snubs her.


Stuart HarrisonEdit

Jude's dad. Stuart is very supportive of Jude's career since he himself is a big music fan (e.g. naming his daughters after Beatles songs). In the show it seemed like Jude and Stuart were closer than Jude and Victoria. Sadie was the first one to find out that Stuart was cheating on his wife with their travel agent. Sadie never told Jude because she knew Jude would be devastated. Jude eventually found out about this when she saw her dad and the travel agent making out on their couch. After this Stuart eventually moves out of the house leaving Jude and Sadie with their mom. Stuart eventually moves back in near somewhere in the middle of Season 2, when Victoria up and leaves the girls without telling them.

Victoria HarrisonEdit

Jude's mom. Victoria usually wants Jude to focus more on her studies. Victoria seems closer to Sadie than she is to Jude. In Season 2 Victoria is dating her divorce lawyer. She eventually marries him without telling the girls where she was going and when she will be back. Jude and Sadie are left alone and Stuart eventually moves back in the house with them. Since the character's departure in the second season, she has yet to return or to be mentioned. The series ends with no further appearances or mentioning of her, leaving her whereabouts forever in question.

Sadie HarrisonEdit

Jude's "perfect" sister. She excels in academics and athletics, gaining award after award. She and Jude don't always get along but there are times where they show that they do care about each other. When Sadie started dating Tommy, Jude was not happy but eventually got over it. Jude even tried to get the two back together again, knowing that her sister really cared for him. Sadie may be the perfect daughter but there were times where she felt jealous of Jude's musical ability. In the end, these two are sisters and will always stay that way. She now works for G-Major as a receptionist/Head of Press Relations. Her name is likely inspired by The Beatles song "Sexy Sadie".