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Kyle Speiderman (husband)</div>


Kyle Speiderman (husband)</div>


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Karma, played by actress Cory Lee, was a major antagonist duing Instant Star's 3rd season. Karma appeared in 25 episodes of the show, beginning with Lose Yourself.

Winner of The Next Instant StarEdit

In Lose Yourself, Karma  makes her first appearance competing in a special night of Instant Star dedicated to covers of Jude's songs.  Every contestant performs Jude's hit Waste My Time.  Karma eventually wins the competition, and her cover of Jude's song is released as her first single.


Jude HarrisonEdit

Though Jude is initially friendly to Karma, the two quickly develop a rivalry.  In the second episode of the season, Karma implies that Jude isn't a virgin while in an interview, sending the press into a frenzy and leading Jude to have to do damage control for her image. Karma's first major single, the cover that won her the competition, infuriates Jude, who then retaliates by showing up to a thirteen year old's bat mitzvah where Karma is performing and covering her single I Will Be The Flame,explaining that now Karma knows how it feels to be upstaged. The two turn the song into a dueling duet before beginning to fight in the child's birthday cake. Karma rips Jude's dress, exposing her breast to the partygoers.


Karma has a very flirtatious relationship with Speiderman initially. The two become attracted and begin to date. When Karma gets an offer for a reality show in She Drives Me Crazy, she and Speid get married.  Though her producer wants to create conflict, the two only grow stronger, blowing off their scripted divorce, leading to them getting sued by the producer.

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