Patsy Sewer was a minor but important character on the hit teen drama Instant Star. She was played by actress Zoie Palmer who also sang her rough vocals. Her polished vocals were provided by both Lindsay Robbins (for "Shooting Star") and Danmahait Doyle (for "Darkness Round the Sun")


Patsy appears in season three to serve as a foil to Jude. She is portrayed as wild and reckless, a rocker chick with a vice for alcohol and starting fights. Nonetheless, she likes Jude, and the two are seen hanging out a lot.



Though none of Patsy's family makes actual appearences in the series, we learn a bit about them in Helter Skelter. Patsy shows Jude a photo of a little girl and boy, explaing that the boy is her brother Sam, a musician in his own right who's lost all his teeth due to a heroin addiction. Sam used to bring Patsy to the same beach where she and Jude sit in the scene, especially when their mom would "go off her meds".

Jaime AndrewsEdit

Patsy and Jaime have a brief relationship. It begins when she kisses him and ends with her death in Let it Be. They were often up and down, but Jaime seemed to be the only person who got her, besides Jude. Jaime often took up for Patsy, and allowed most of the flack when she'd disappear or take extra long breaks during recording sessions to fall on him.


At the end of Helter Skelter, a drunk Patsy secures her cars keys from her friends and goes for a drive. She is seen rocking to the radio and not paying attention, and she crashes into a wall. Jude and Jaime hear about it and go to the hospital where her fate is left unknown until the beginning of Let It Be when they are seen waiting; we then learn it has been at least four hours since Patsy was taken into surgery. In her voiceover monologue, Jude asks for two words: "She's fine." Instead, she hears the words she and Jaime have been dreading: "I'm sorry."

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