Songs from Instant Star Two
is the soundtrack for the second season of Instant Star. All of the songs on the soundtrack are performed by Alexz Johnson. The album was officially released by The Orange Record Label on April 11th, 2006 in the United States and July 18th, 2006 in Canada. This album was produced by Matt Hyde and Dave Ogilvie. The executive producer of the album was Stephen Stohn, who also acted as an executive producer on the show. The background vocals on most of the tracks are performed by Katie B., with Leslie Stanwyck appearing in "There's Us."

Track ListingEdit

  1. "Liar Liar" (Damhnait Doyle, Marc Jordan, Rob Wells)
  2. "How Strong Do You Think I Am" (Christopher Ward, Marc Jordan, Greg Johnston)
  3. "Anyone But You" (Christopher Ward, Damhnait Doyle, Marc Jordan)
  4. "How I Feel" (Damhnait Doyle, Rob Wells)
  5. "There's Us" (Christopher Ward, Rob Wells)
  6. "Over-Rated" (Christopher Ward, Greg Johnston, Jeen O'Brien)
  7. "Natural Disaster" (Dave Thomson, Luke McMaster)
  8. "Fade To Black" (Dave Thomson, Luke McMaster, Marc Jordan, Sarah Caseman)
  9. "Another Thin Line" (Brendan Johnson)
  10. "Not Standing Alone" (Damhnait Doyle, Greg Johnston, Jeen O'Brien)
  11. "My Sweet Time" (Christopher Ward, Rob Wells)
  12. "Who Am I Fooling" (Christopher Ward, Luke McMaster, Marc Jordan, Wells)
  13. "White Lines" (Rob Wells, Luke McMaster, Greg Johnston)


  • How Strong Do You Think I Am


  • The Backstreet Boys covered the song, "There's Us." It was a bonus track on their album, Unbreakable.
  • Jennifer Ewbank, a Dutch singer, covered the song "There's Us" for her debut album, London Tree.
  • Canadian Idol top 4 finalist Suzi Rawn covered the song, "Over-Rated," on her debut album, Naked.


  • "How Strong Do You Think I Am" was released as a single in Canada to promote Alexz Johnson and Instant Star before the second season of the show aired on CTV.
  • This album was released on the show by Jude Harrison as "Learning Curve."
  • This soundtrack is largely regarded as the most successful and popular soundtrack from the Instant Star franchise.
  • This is the only soundtrack in the Instant Star franchise that was released in the United States before it was released in Canada.
  • This is the first soundtrack in the Instant Star franchise to have the same cover artwork in both the United States and Canada.
  • A digital re-release of the soundtrack features the original cover artwork with a blue-tint to it.

Alternate Cover ArtworksEdit

Songs from Instant Star Two

Songs from Instant Star Two (Digital Re-Release) Cover Artwork

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